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Here at Primrose & Lily, we lovingly design and handmake tweed clothing and accessories. Using only high quality British tweed. We made our first few capes for my sisters wedding in September, we knew it could drop a little chilly in the evening and we wanted something for the Bridal party to wear to keep warm. My Mum and I made three adult capes and two children’s capes for my daughters who were flower girls. On the evening everyone loved our capes and many people said they would like us to make them one, we soon began to run with it.   First was to choose a name, after a fair bit of looking on the internet for name inspiration we came up blank, then a friend suggested using the names of my two daughters (Lily who is 5 and Primrose who is 1), Primrose & Lily was born.  

We were soon coming up with many more ideas for tweed products we could make, but where to make them was our next big problem. My sister and I sat down to try and figure out what we could do, we soon figured a solution. My Mum had a lovely dining room, but, it was only ever used occasionally when they had people round for dinner, it seemed like the perfect place. When we suggested the idea she gave us one of those Mum looks, like she wasn't to impressed but she could tell we had already made up our minds. So after a few hours of moving around various pieces of furniture, we had a perfect workshop.

Now to make some Capes.

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